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Disposal Of Unwanted Medicines

Disposal Of Unwanted Medicines

This page provides information about this service and displays where it is located.

About this service

Your pharmacy will accept unwanted medications and will safely dispose of them. We only take such medicines from residential homes, unfortunately we are not permitted to dispose of medicines from nursing homes.

Please let your pharmacy know whether there are any sharps, split or controlled drugs being returned. This is to keep our staff safe and to ensure your medicines are disposed of under the correct legal processes.


Who should consider disposing of unwanted medicines?

This service ensures that you have an easy way of safely disposing your unwanted medicines. This reduces;

  • the amount of unwanted medicines kept in your home which reduces the risk of accidental poisonings and use by those not authorised to possess them
  • risk of exposing you to unwanted medicines which have been disposed of by unsecure means
  • environmental damage caused by poor disposal methods