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Repeat Dispensing

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Repeat Dispensing

This page provides information about repeat dispensing, and where it is located.

About this service

Repeat dispensing is a process allowing patients to get repeated supplies of their medicines or appliances straight from the pharmacy without needing a prescriber to hand sign a prescription or send it electronically to the pharmacy each time. Instead, the pharmacy will hold a batch of repeat prescription tokens that have been authorised and issued by the prescriber and there will be a set interval between each issue. The pharmacy can then dispense against these tokens until the patient needs to be reviewed. The team will enquire whether you are having any issues with your medicines before supplying each time. If so, they can discuss this with you and if required, refer you to your prescriber.

Benefits of this service;

  • increases patient choice and convenience as it allows them to get their regularly prescribed medicines and appliances directly from their pharmacy for the time period agreed by their prescriber
  • reduces wastage as it reduces the number of medicines and appliances dispensed which the patient does not require
  • reduces the workload and pressure on GPs who do not need to manage repeat prescriptions