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Covid - 19 Vaccination Service

This page displays information about this service and where it is located.

Information about this service

We currently operate five vaccination centres across Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside.

The vaccines which have now been established to be safe and effective, give recipients the best protection against Covid-19 and reduce the risk of long-term complications of the virus. You cannot choose which vaccine you will get.

Instead, you will be allocated a vaccine that is suitable for you if you book online.

It is essential to complete the full vaccine course to create stronger and longer-lasting protection. This includes getting any boosters which you are eligible for and recommended to get.


Benefits of this service

  • Reduce the risk of being seriously ill or dying from Covid-19
  • Reduce the risk of catching transmitting the virus
  • Protects against variants of COVID-19

What our team do

Our centres are created to provide a seamless, efficient, safe and comfortable environment in which to get vaccinated in. They were one of the first community pharmacy led sites to open in the region.

Our staff have been extensively trained and have the required experience to answer any questions and ensure that the vaccination process is performed professionally.

Our team will run through the safety questions before you get the vaccine. This will allow you to provide informed consent before receiving the vaccine.

Our staff are also trained and experienced in monitoring you once you have been vaccinated and know how to respond to faints, and adverse reactions.

The sites have been NHS assured.

Eligibility for this service

Please refer to the national eligibility criteria here

To book an appointment, please book online here or call 119

Where can this service be located?

This service can be accessed at the following pharmacies. Click the links below to navigate to your chosen pharmacy;